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6 Top Tips for Building a Strong Team

Written by Mike Conkey


When you have a strong team, you can accomplish just about any task. You’ll do it faster and more efficiently, due to the input of the members of the team. But, developing a strong team is not as easy as it seems. It takes more than just throwing a bunch of people together. These tips can help you develop the team to be strong and effective.

  1. Understand the Team Dynamic

    team customer focusIt would be great if everyone on the team had the same values and goals. However, people are different, and those differences are going to be prevalent with the members. You need to recognize those differences and to incorporate those differences. Understanding the personalities of each member will help you with this.

  2. Recognize the Weak Links

    A chain is only a strong as its weakest link. This is true with teams as well. You need to know who those weak links are. Be aware it can be different members at different stages of a project. Some members may be strong at planning but weaker when it comes to the implementation stage, etc. It’s important not to chalk up the weakness to laziness automatically. There can be many reasons for weak links within a team. Try to explore them all before making a determination. Sometimes a manager is the weak link, and this makes it tough for the team to say something.

  3. Work Well with Other Groups or Departments

    Teams wait until they need something before they start working with other groups or departments. It’s often a better approach to develop these relationships before you need something from them. You’ll get less resistance, and you learn more in the process. Those other groups also know their own external groups that you could use to your advantage.

  4. Strong Communication

    Team discussionTeam members can sometimes get lost and think they are not doing their part. It’s important to communicate both the good and bad. Usually, teams will take care of this on their own. But, sometimes a team player can become an outcast, and it may be necessary for a manager or an outsider to step in. It’s usually best for the team members to work out their problems but it’s not always possible. Bringing on new team members can upset the balance, so you want to try to make the current crew work together as best as possible.

  5. Go with the Flow

    Team dynamics change often. People are often not comfortable with change. It needs to be encouraged when it happens and help those who are resistant towards the changes. It can help to have the support of the entire team.

  6. Reward the Team

    It’s important to reward the team when they meet certain milestones. It doesn’t always have to be monetary rewards, but this doesn’t hurt whenever it can be done. However, acknowledgment from a higher manager can have a huge, positive impact on the team.

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