Tips on Staying Disciplined

8 Tips for Staying Disciplined in Life and Business

Stay Disciplined
Written by Mike Conkey

Top 8 Tips for a Disciplined Life and Business

There are more distractions in our lives than any time before. The Internet alone gives us thousands of different ways to stray from our goals.Top Tips for a disciplined lifeUse these tips in this post to help you keep disciplined in your life and your business or career.

  1. Project How Life Will Be When Goals Are Met:
    You have probably heard the term, keep your eye on the prize. It is a bit overused. Yet, it still drives home the point that if you have a goal that you really want to reach, focusing on the end result can help keep us on track. It gives you a purpose to do what is needed to meet the objective.
  2. Project How Life Will Be When Goals Are Not Met:
    If your life is not going the way you want it, you need to make changes. If you have a goal to make more money or get another job, think about what life will be like if you don’t take steps to make that happen. This can be a great way to keep your discipline. 
  3. Figure Out How to Reduce Stress:
    Stress will be a big factor in not staying disciplined. It will be difficult to concentrate on what you want to accomplish when you are stressed out. Consider taking up exercise, meditation, and other ways to relax like massages. These have all been shown to help reduce the onset of stress. When your stress is reduced, you will have a much easier time concentrating on accomplishing your goals.
  4. Put Accountability into the Mix:
    Try to find a way to hold yourself accountable for whatever activity or goal you are trying to stay disciplined with. For instance, perhaps you used to play a musical instrument and wanted to take it up again. One way to make that happen is to start playing in a band. This arrangement will require you to go to band practices and show up for gigs when you get them.
  5. Look at Your Journey in a Different Light:
    Sometimes when we are focusing on staying self-disciplined, we frame it in a way that others have already shown us how to do. For instance, perhaps you are learning a new language. You have always been told that repetition is the way to learn. Look for other ways that may liven up the process. You could try something like playing games in the new language, etc.
  6. Break Down Tasks into Sub-tasks:
    When we have some kind of goal or problem that seems too big to tackle, this can put up barriers within our mind. These barriers often prevent us from reaching the intended results. When this happens, consider breaking the end result into subtasks. This makes them more manageable and they can help us alter course along the way if needed.
  7. Don’t Dwell on the Small Stuff:
    There are times when people will let unimportant items get in the way of their lives. This can hinder our focus and keeps us from reaching the desired goals. Do this often enough and you can just about forget accomplishing anything major. While you can’t ignore every little item that pops up, you can shift your priorities or get others to do it instead.
  8. Join Support Groups:
    Support groups can really help when trying to stay disciplined. Whatever key area you are focusing on, there are likely to be groups available to join. If they don’t exist, consider creating one yourself. These groups have people that have been through what you are experiencing and can offer advice.


It's time for you to take actionSeek out forums and groups that are related to the focus of your discipline. It’s important to keep active within the groups that you find. Otherwise, the members won’t get to know you and won’t be as big a help to you.

Create a written plan that contains steps to accomplish what you are trying to stay disciplined with. Make the tasks on the plan as specific as possible.

Find someone who you can be accountable for your discipline. You could exchange accountability and whoever accomplishes the desired results first will get some kind of prize.

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