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Written by Mike Conkey

Defining Your Business’s Values

The primary goal of any business is to do whatever it does well and to make its customers happy. But each business has something underneath which drives everyone’s decisions and actions. These are a business’s core values.

Over the course of building your business, it might not have occurred to you yet to define your values. However, whether you’ve defined them or not, they’re there guiding you. It’s important to discover what these are and state them clearly.

There are several reasons why it’s so important to define your values:

  • Core values guide what you do as a business. They lay the groundwork for what to do and what not to do. For example, if a core value is innovation, you’ll reject project proposals that any business could do and instead put your energy towards creating something different and new. These values keep you focused.
  • Core values explain your business’s unique strengths. Defining them helps you to understand how your business is different from other similar businesses.
  • Without core values, you risk lacking integrity. You risk becoming a company that only cares about earning a profit. Values give your business a sense of purpose.
  • Core values can be communicated to others. They’re important for employment and retention, and you can communicate them to potential customers, clients, or business partners to explain who you are and what you do.

First, let’s define what we mean by core values:

Core ValuesValues are the things you believe are the most important to how you live and work. They’re the guidelines you use to make decisions that keep you on track. These are the principles that underlie your business.

Discovering Your Core Values

It’s important to identify your core values so that you can better understand the foundation of what you’re doing, and also communicate them to others who come into contact with your business.

  • Going above and beyond customer expectations
  • Accountability, trust, or reliability
  • Cutting-edge and adapting to new technology or trends
  • Anti-establishment or anti-corporate
  • Deep experience or knowledge (such as technical expertise)
  • Sense of adventure and risk-taking
  • Family-oriented
  • Youth-oriented
  • Simplicity
  • Efficiency
  • Unique approach
  • Environmental consciousness
  • Focus on the future
  • Sense of humor and fun
  • Innovation
  • Individuality
  • People-oriented
  • International or emphasis on diversity
  • Building deep relationships
  • Respect for tradition
  • Safety

These are just a few starter ideas, and you can use them or think of your own. To determine your core values, make a big list of values that apply to your company, and then narrow this list down to just a handful. It’s important to pick the most important values, those that most closely define your business.

Mike Conkey
Mike Conkey


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