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Creating Your Unique Brand Voice

Written by Mike Conkey

The Benefits of Developing a Unique Voice for Your Brand

Your “brand voice” is how you, as a business owner or entrepreneur, express your business personality in your writing style, language, and tone. It is the distinct persona or identity of your brand that shines through in the words and phrases you use, and which allows you to stand out from other brands. If your brand voice is distinct enough, your followers should be able to recognize you in your writing even if there was no name or logo on it.

The simple definition of brand voice is: The style of your writing and tone of your communications. It is a consistent voice that tells your audience who you are. It conveys your business identity and sets you apart from other businesses, no matter what market you’re in.

The voice of your brand is determined largely by the words you use and the sentences that you write. Your words create a consistent persona in the minds of your audience. This is true whether or not you consciously take control of this tone and purposefully decide what it will be.

A good example is the brand voice of the University of Denver, which uses strong and powerful language, with plenty of action verbs and emotional word choices. Instead of saying something like, “We prevented detrimental legislation,” it might say, “We fended off a new law that would decimate private rights.” Its catalog might discuss a class “delving into 18th century literature.” The verbs “fend,” “decimate,” and “delve” are chosen because of the physical actions they call to mind.

The Benefits of Creating and Maintaining a Brand Voice

Brand BuildingYou can just write what you feel and there’s at least some chance that it will create a consistent voice. But there are several reasons that it’s beneficial to a business to purposefully determine and guide this voice.

First, it offers a consistent experience across all of your business touch points with the customer. This is essential in creating a brand image. It lets your audience know who you are and instills trust. Consistency is what builds your brand personality. It is the factor that creates the image in your audience’s mind that your brand is business-like or fun, sporty or scientific, bright or soothing.

Purposefully creating a brand voice helps you cut through the noise of other companies. You can create a voice that is unique to your company. You can find similarities in the brands of your competitors and discover a way to set your voice apart.

As a business owner, your unique brand voice forces you to make decisions at every step in your content creation that result in more interesting content that is easily recognizable as yours.

Your brand voice creates an emotional connection between your business and your audience that is established through your words. It helps you to maintain this connection through any written content you produce. And this emotional connection inspires brand loyalty and encourages repeat business.

Finally, your brand voice can influence your customers and bring them closer to making a purchase, especially when they’re already familiar and comfortable with the unique voice they’ve come to know as you’ve developed a relationship.


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