Unique Market Presence

How to be Unique in Your Chosen Market

Be unique in your market
Written by Mike Conkey

22 Ways to Be Unique in Your Market

Looking for ideas for creating your own Unique Value Proposition? Consider the following 22 ideas for qualities and offerings that can help you stand out from the crowd.

Be unique

Just one of these alone could be the reason people buy from you vs. your competition.

Be The…


  • Deliver your products faster than anyone else.

Easiest to Understand

  • Offer instructions that anyone could understand.


  • Welcome people and make them feel at home.

Most Convenient

  • Make it easy for people to buy anywhere they are.


  • Reassure customers that their safety is your top concern.


  • It’s tough to compete on price, so make sure you can do it first.

Most Luxurious

  • Offer something truly special that comes at a price.

Easiest to Use

  • Make it so easy that it doesn’t even need instructions.

Most Flexible

  • Offer multiple options and customization.

Most Entertaining

  • People want to laugh. Give them something to laugh about.


  • Be on the cutting edge of fashion and trends.



  • Offer something that’s just for them and can’t be found elsewhere.


  • It doesn’t have to be “cheap”. Just affordable for everyone.


  • Customize products and services to customers’ needs.

Customer Care

  • Be the best at customer service and personal attention.


  • Give special offers and deals that are different from competitors’.


  • Ensure your products are always available. Never out of stock.

Free Stuff

  • Everybody likes a freebie, so make it a standard practice.


  • Give guarantees and follow-through on them.


  • Provide a place for people to get together or compare notes.


  • Life can be dull at times. Provide some spice and excitement.

A Cool Design

  • Make your design the coolest. Ever heard of the iPhone?


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